Lappish Style was created by mother and daughter team, Aija Habermann and Bianca Ridings. With Finnish heritage and a shared passion for the home and family, they wanted to bring Finnish culture to the Australian home. Finnish interior design draws inspiration from nature, urban surroundings and strong traditions.

The foundation of the brand started with the import of reindeer hides from Lapland. In Finland, reindeer have long been part of the Finnish culture and today, still important in keeping it alive. The reindeer provide meat, milk and raw materials for clothes and tools, with the hide being a byproduct, making it eco-friendly and sustainable. The reindeer hides are thick in texture and beautifully soft to touch. They are truly luxurious!

Since launching, Lappish Style has continued to grow their exclusive range to include cushions, ottomans and fashion accessories.
They pride themselves on unique products with a definite Lappish influence, aesthetic and tactile appeal!