Lappish Style is the exclusive Australian distributor of Kaisa Siren’s pillow art. These luxurious soft reindeer leather cushions are all handmade in Lapland using Lappish materials. Each feature a photograph taken by photographer Kaisa Sirén and the pillow is beautifully crafted by Eila Puhakka with details including carved reindeer horn. All pieces are unique and numbered with only 30 pieces crafted for each series. Each pillow is accompanied by a post card that tells the tale of the photograph and its importance in the Lappish culture. They are such a distinctive design product and really are a piece of art!

The reindeer is a herd animal. The herd is led by an older male who gains popularity amongst the females. The male protects the herd and directs it to new pastures. Look at its proud step when it runs with its head high and the large antlers leading the way. The leader makes the herd tight and united and he is relied upon in the constant change of living conditions, temperatures and nature.

Colour: Black/ White

Size W/H/L: 44cm x 30cm

They are limited edition pieces, get in quick so you don't miss out!